Who are we?

The PTA provides a powerful voice for all children at JBF and connects families with school staff to ensure that the common goals of each are met. We are dedicated to promoting children’s health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.

What does the PTA do?

The JBF PTA works closely with Mr. Cluff, and the administrative and education personnel to ensure that the needs of our students are continually met. Through our fundraisers we fund most of the age appropriate cultural arts programs brought into JBF in order to enhance the curriculum and enrich the learning experience of the children. Additionally, our fundraising funds the after-school programming, and supplements classroom supplies, and field trips.

I really don’t have time to volunteer for any committees; should I still join?

We suggest that all parents and guardians join the PTA. While we encourage everyone who wants to be involved to attend our monthly meetings and volunteer in any way they feel comfortable, if you don’t want to that’s perfectly fine. However, if you join, a portion of your membership dues goes directly into the JBF PTA’s treasury, allowing us to fund exciting and enriching programs for our students.

How often does the PTA meet?

The PTA meets once a month. All meetings are listed on the JBF PTA Calendar and are also announced on our Facebook page.

Do I have to join the PTA every year?

Yes, we would love it if you did. A percentage of your membership dues goes directly into the PTA budget which is then used to fund the programs the children enjoy all year long.

Sign me up!  I want to join the JBF PTA!

Welcome aboard!  Please fill out the registration form, place the form and your dues in an envelope labeled “JBF PTA”, and simply send it in to school with your student. JBF PTA Memberships are only $6 per person, or 2 or more within the same family are only $5 each! If paying by check, please make payable to “JBF PTA”.

If you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact the JBF PTA Membership Coordinator, Kelly Banaczuk.

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RI State Criminal Background Checks and/or BCI

Rhode Island Law requires all volunteers in schools to undergo a state criminal background check. All volunteers at JBF Elementary School are responsible for obtaining an annual RI Criminal Background Check/BCI. This includes people who want to help with after-school activities, chaperone field trips, help out in the classroom, volunteer during Reading Week, etc.

To learn ways to obtain your state criminal background check, read “How to Obtain a RI State CBC/BCI”or email us!

JBF PTA Documents 

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JBF PTA Bylaws